The Lingfield/ Dormans area offers an array of overlapping walks. 

From field walks to safely socializing younger dogs in more urban environments, we are able to offer several types of outing.

Whether it is a canicross inspired cross country run or a chilled out stop-and-sniff amble, we are able to meet your pets requirements. 

We regularly walk dogs in Limpsfield Chart, Limpsfield Common and have clients who we trail and K-9 cardio pack run for. 

Limpsfield boasts some of the most adventurous and entertaining walks/ runs for dogs, many hidden gems, and a great experience for walkers and runners alike.   


We regularly walk dogs from Godstone Green, often into the footpaths and fields behind The Hare and Hounds and other parts of the local area.

By offering your dog a wide array of options, we keep them not only physically active, but mentally stimulated by new surroundings.

We have a number of clients based in Godstone. We can include your dogs on one of our regular walks or provide a bespoke walk to suit your needs.

We do regular walks in Oxted including social walks in Master Park and the myriad footpaths on The Downs.

For more adventurous walks and runs that will ensure a tired but very happy pup, Staffhurst Woods offer fantastic opportunities to not only let your dog stretch their legs, but ensure they benefit from new trails and sensory experiences.


We are able to offer fantastic, safe walks in several of Lingfield's fields and parks. 

Whether it be a solo, sociable walk, hike or a K-9 Cardio pack run, we are able to accommodate and help improve your dogs fitness level. 

We will always consult with you, and will always take your pets age into consideration when selecting our walks/ runs.



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