Having grown up in South Africa, I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by furry four-legged family members since ...I was young, and have always had the greatest affinity for our canine friends.

I started this company with one thing in mind, our pets health. 
We sign up to gyms, do exercise classes, enlist in crossfit...all to look good, feel good and ultimately become healthier...why should our pets be any different? 

Recently we added Cairo, a Belgian Malinois to our family who is currently being trained for UK working trials and has proved to be a natural born endurance canine, occasionally running alpha during pack walks/ runs.  

It is here where we really come into our own and introduce a very unique offering to owners. We offer an initial free consultation to understand your expectations, requirements and to meet your pet. 


What are we looking to achieve?

How best can we help your pup reach their potential? Allow us to understand your pets capabilities.

Then comes the fun part! 

With exercise in mind, we now give your pet a fully quantifiable activity tracker in conjunction with their daily exercise requirements.

Allowing you to: 

  • Know exactly how much exercise your dog has had, daily, weekly and monthly
  • Understand your dogs health
  • Explain behavioral changes
  • Make better decisions with your vet
  • Compare your dogs with others of the same breed
We create a profile for your pup, which not only allows us to understand everything about them, and gives a full integrated breakdown of their dogs activity while out and about with us, so you know exactly what your pup has been up to, how he or she is tracking against their exercise/weight targets. We go as far to also document the route taken, which will give you not only the geographic image of the walk/ run, but the exactly how much of a work out your pet has had.   
When it comes to your pets, we dont cut corners, we dont waste your time and we help create a well balanced and very happy pup.'


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